The History



Nothing great ever got done without setting high standards.
The higher, the harder to reach of course, but also the more rewarding when you get there.
So, when we decided some 20 years ago that we will become the most reliable , trusted and professional logistics company, we didn’t do things by halves.
Relentlessly working, year after year, we grew to do things, better and better, so that we could meet our customers’ expectations at highest standards.
But we didn’t stop there. We believe that challenges make us better. So we improved our standards even more, and our hard work was rewarded: we received the certificate of NSBS – The Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics!
So if our services have been approved by them, we believe we have done a great job, and we are confident that we offer the highest logistics standards and you can trust us to get things done on time and within your budget.
In the meantime, we keep on working to make our services better for your next order with us.
Temis – Yug, expect more from us!

Temis – Yug, quality above all!